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    I won this competition in college at the Laugh Factory that made me think I could do this regularly. I've shared the stage with a bunch of people you may or may not have heard of and am currently working to tour colleges as soon as I get my act together. Literally. For now I'm at the Comedy Store.



    I went to UCLA for Acting. We didn't get to do The King and I four years in a row like I had hoped, but I acted in such classics as Shakespeare's (?) Double Falsehood and Eugene Ionesco's The Killing Game. Now I make videos online.

    Google my name on YouTube. Or don't.

    (but dooo)



    I swear I'm writing. I have a couple projects in the works but I am going to keep it close to my chest for fear of jinxing it but also so that if they don't pan out you won't know.



    Like I said, I make videos online. This is meant to translate to bigger screens but hey WE'LL SEE.

    Action and Comedy is about where I tread.

  • Collaborative Projects

    that I'm currently engaged in


    Your newest variety show unlike any but maybe 4 or 5 others

    We host dynamic variety shows around LA that include local comedians, magicians, bands, musicians, musical improvisationalists, fire dancers, swordsmen, DJs, spoken word artists, and our own sketches and videos.

    Hot Chocolate Party

    Off beat musical comedy

    We make sketches and music videos for original songs. Some of which have become quite popular.

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    - Chris Penn (Reservoir Dogs)



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    It's like watching reruns of The Single Guy (remember? No?)




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